Got up nice and early and headed to the airfield.  Today would be the day that I will likely perform my supervised second solo.  I need 3 supervised solo’s in order to be released to fly to the practice area and practice in the pattern all by myself.

I arrived to some chilly weather.  It shouldn’t be shocking, it is January after all, but after the string of 60 to 70 degree days over the holidays it was a bit of a change.  I walked out to the aircraft and turned it around to face the sun.  There was quite a bit of frost on the wings and windshield so I needed to get that melted.

I did my normal preflight walk around with the only issue being the starboard green wing tip positioning light was out.  No big deal, not flying at night.  I make a mental note to squawk the issue once my flight is over with.

My instructor meets comes out to the airplane and I give her my weather brief and report on the airworthiness of our machine.

All strapped in, I go through the start checklist.

-Key in the mag switch, set to both

-Master Switch On

– Beacon light On

– Mixture Rich

– Throttle opened for start

– Prime as needed

– Key to start position

The dreaded sound of a weak battery instantly destroys our hopes and dreams of escaping the bonds of earth.  After a couple of more futile attempts, we could only hear the click of the starter without so much wiggle in the prop.

It was a busy Saturday, so no other aircraft was available which meant I would not be flying.  Have to look at the bright side, I got to sit in an airplane. 😀