Today, only 48 hours after my surprise check ride scheduled, I am officially a certificated pilot!

The Stats

It has been a long road, 9 Months, here are the stats:

  • 53 flights
  • 66.9 hrs Flight Hours
  • 66.7 hrs Total Instruction Hours
  • 47.7 hrs Dual Instruction
  • 19.2 hrs Pilot in Command
  • 18.2 hrs Solo
  • 12.7 hrs cross country
  • 3.5 hrs simulated instrument
  • 154 landings

I hope that if anything, my journey to flight inspires others to embrace their dreams.  We only have one life to live, so we should all try our hardest to live our dreams.

For me, my new dream is when the Aliens attack, I can be this guy! 😀

check ride scheduled